Fast and reliable delivery supports your business.
We meet our customers' needs with late pickup and fast delivery.
We deliver a wide variety of cargo, from documents and general cargo to oversized cargo, door-to-door around the world.

Our sevices

IEX Export

Next-day morning delivery for urgent documents and cargo

We deliver various types of business shipment to all over the world quickly and reliably.

IEX Import

Import in Japan x Pay-on-Delivery Service can be denominated in Japanese yen

As with IEX Export, door-to-door package rates are available. *Please note that some countries are not covered.

IEX Economy

Non-urgent x over 100 kg can be delivered at a reasonable price

High-weight cargo can be loaded on a flight the day after pickup and delivered to the destination at a reasonable cost.
Web tracking is available as well as IEX Export.
*Please note that some countries are not covered.

Shipment Flow


We offer the best pickup arrangements to meet your needs.


Our material handling facility ensures fast and reliable export customs clearance and aircraft loading.


ANA's network allows us to deliver a wide variety of cargo and provide meticulous and accurate handling.

Customs Clearance

After the arrival of the flight, we conduct prompt operations to optimally arrange the transportation of your cargo.


The earliest it will arrive is the next morning after pickup.



We have realized accurate and speedy international logistics: new building completed in Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo in 2017, consolidating its two previous locations in Tokyo. We also introduced material handling to automate sorting, enabling faster operations.


In addition to cargo tracking and pickup requests, we promise to provide attentive and reliable response to a variety of diversifying requests. We will also continue to develop services that are more closely tailored to our customers by expanding the convenience of our website as well as our call center .

Overseas Offices

We have offices around the world. Many of them are staffed by Japanese or local staff fluent in Japanese, and our "Japan Quality" has been well received overseas as well. Some of our offices are also available in Japanese. Please contact each country for details.


Please contact the office in charge of your country/region.