Global Network

OCS has a global network of more than 130 locations in over 50 countries. Not only international air transportation, but we also deal with forwarding and logistics services.

Key Tips


The fastest delivery to Japan
Speedy delivery to other areas

We deliver our customers' shipments speedily with efficient transportation utilizing the ANA Group's extensive network. 


Flexible customization by utilizing OCS international transportation network

OCS can offer a variety of transportation methods and routes to meet your requirements. From pickup to delivery, we can flexibly customize transportation methods to suit your shipment and transportation purpose.

We will propose the best transportation method for your needs.


e-Commerce shipments

Sample products

Deliver prototype by tomorrow's meeting

Various products

Efficient transportation to meet deadlines

Precision parts

Prevent damage and transport securely

Perishable goods

Avairable refrigerated and frozen products

Large shipments

Transfer of facilities to overseas factories

Exhibition Cargo

Exhibit at overseas exhibitions

We are also involved in the transportation of aircraft parts

Our track record in the field of spare parts and aircraft engines, where reliable handling is required, proves the high quality and reliability of our transportation.


OCS is committed to being close to its customers through careful and efficient operations.

Pick up

We arrange pickups according to customer requests.

Export Arrangements

We provide fast and reliable export customs clearance through material handling.

Air transport

Efficient delivery and accurate handling of shipments by utilizing the ANA network.

Import customs clearance

We will execute reliable operations after arrival on site.


We can optimally arrange even door-to-door delivery.


Please contact the office in charge of your country/region.