We constantly create new value in the field of international logistics and connect the world through teamwork.

The world of international logistics is dynamically changing every day. OCS was established in 1957 as a newspaper subscription company for Japanese expatriates, and quickly expanded to countries around the world. Later, as times changed, OCS evolved into the international express business, and in 2009, with the capital participation of ANA, became the core of the ANA Group's cargo business. Today, we meet diverse needs through our global network with a focus on Asia. In our more than half-century history, we have cultivated a meticulous service that only Japan can provide, handling our customers' important cargo with the utmost care and delivering it speedily and reliably. We will continue to take on new challenges to expand this "Japan Quality" throughout the world and deliver trust along with our packages.

Who we are

"In 1957, OCS started a service to deliver newspapers to Japanese residents living abroad.
This business model captured the needs of the next generation, and the business evolved into the import/export of overseas publications, and then to its current main business, the International Express Business.

In March 2009, OCS became a member of the All Nippon Airways (ANA) group of companies.
OCS acquired the air transportation network of the ANA Group and became the only Japanese integrator in the industry that offers integrated express transportation services.
Today, OCS is an international logistics company that offers a wide range of logistics solutions, including forwarding and logistics services.
We are taking on the challenge of expanding and strengthening our network and developing new products, mainly targeting the fast-growing Asian market."

Company profile

Name Overseas Courier Service Co., Ltd.
Head Office OCS Tokyo Sky Gate, 3-9-27 Tatsumi Koto-ku Tokyo 135-8527 Japan
Foundation September 1, 1957
  1. International express business
  2. Import/export and sales of media-related products such as newspapers, magazines and books
  3. Import/export transportation and sales of food products, daily sundries, etc.
  4. Delivery and sales of international edition newspapers
  5. Cargo automobile transportation business
  6. Air cargo agency business
  7. Customs clearance
  8. Real estate leasing


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