We offer international transportation services tailored to customer needs, including temperature-controlled goods that cannot be transported by express shipment, such as perishable shipments, and door-to-airport shipments.
We provides safe, reliable, and speedy transportation using the ANA network and airlines.

Our sevices

IEX Customize

Propose the best mode of transportation

We can also handle large or special shipments such as palletized shipments.
Prompt delivery via ANA network and airlines. We also offer transportation modes in accordance with Incoterms, such as pickup and transportation to the destination airport, according to customers' requests.


Perishable shipments

We can transport a wide range of perishables, including fresh fish and meat requiring refrigeration or freezing, as well as vegetables and fresh flowers.
Starting in October 2018, we will fully utilize our bases in Japan, including the Toyosu Market in Tokyo, to provide the shortest and most optimal transportation.
Through the use of ANA's early morning flights, we can also deliver food picked in the morning by dinner time on the same day at the earliest.

Exhibition shipments

We have extensive experience in handling goods for exhibitions and events held overseas.
We provide comprehensive support as a logistics partner to organizers, not only for shipment collection, transportation, and delivery, but also for incidental work such as information sharing with participating organizations and document preparation.

Aircraft parts

We arrange import and export transportation of aircraft parts using our entire network, including ANA's cargo aircraft. From small shipments such as spare parts to large shipments such as aircraft engines, we can handle any aircraft parts that require reliable handling.


Please contact the office in charge of your country/region.